Help - VPNs & Part Numbers

PSA VPNs and Part Numbers

You can order products from PSA without knowing their PSA part number. Simply find the product you need on our web site, and click on the "Add to Order" button, the product and it's description will appear on your order.

You can also order a product from PSA using either it's PSA part number (PNo), or it's newer PSA VPN. You might get a PSA PNo from our printed catalogue or find it written on a product you are replacing. You can find PSA VPNs on our web site, by finding the product you need and viewing it's 'specifications' tab.

Tip: If you already know the PSA VPN or PNo for a product, enter it in the search box (on the navigation bar to the left of your screen) to jump to the product.

If your company requires you to know the PSA PNo for products so that you can raise a purchase order, you can easily display a product's PSA PNo by logging into our web site, finding the product, and clicking on the "display PSA part number" link found under the product's 'specifications' tab. Alternatively the PSA PNo for each product on your order will appear in your order confirmation email.

Please note: You must be logged into your account on the PSA web site for the "display PSA part number" option to appear. If the link still does not appear after logging in, you may need to ask your account manager to set up this facility on your account.