Our Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy

Many websites including ours use Cookies to make them as useful as possible. Our Cookies do not store information like your name or payment information, but they do help us: understand how visitors find and use our site (such as traffic analytics and advert effectiveness); to work out if you have logged in (profile management); and to keep track of which products you have put in our site's shopping basket (on-line ordering). By using our site, you consent to us storing cookies in your browser.

We cannot read cookies created by any other web sites. Some of the cookies providing traffic analytics and advert effectiveness for our site are set by third-parties, as are cookies created by embedded 'Share' buttons allowing users of our site to easily share articles with their friends through popular social networks if they choose.

We also pay advertising platforms and affiliates such as Google to promote our business, and we use cookies to share certain information about orders with them to calculate their commission. However, we do not share your name or contact details with them.

You can learn more about Cookies and how to manage them using your web browser, by going to the 'Help' menu in your browser, or visiting •AboutCookies.org

Please see our •Privacy policy for details on how we collect and use your data.

You can update your choices at any time via our Privacy & Security page. Change Privacy Settings

Essential cookies
Provider Purpose Name Expiry Party
Adyen This cookie is used for session management, used by Adyen to detect fraudulent payment attempts JSESSIONID session 3rd
PSAParts This cookie is used for session management, holds information such as your account and basket items JSESSIONID 3 days 1st
Used to keep track of the order status psaOrderSubmit 2 months
Used to store user's privacy consent for gdpr purposes COOKIECONSENT session/3 months
Used to save user's privacy consent psa_cookie_consent 3 monts
Site Performance
Provider Purpose Name Expiry Party
Google Tag Manager These cookies are associated with Google Tag Manager, to assign traffic to the website and view how users are interacting with website content. _ga 2 years 1st
_gid 1 day
_gat_gtag_[*] 1 day
_dc_gtm_[*] 1 hour
_gat_UA-[*] 1 hour
_dc_gtm_[*] 1 minute
Provider Purpose Name Expiry Party
Google Advertising These cookies are used by Google Advertising to make advertising more engaging to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers. _gid 1 day 1st
_gcl_au 1 day
_ga 2 years
__utmz 6 months
__utmt 1 day
__utmc session
__utmb 1 day
__utma 2 years