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    You will normally find the original LCD screen part number(OEM P/No) from the back of the screen. Once you found the part number, please enter it into the box below and click on the 'Search' button.

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    Presario 105Ee Presario 117Tu Presario 406Tu Presario CQ56 Presario Cq56-103Tu Presario CQ57 Presario CQ57-411TU Presario CQ60 Presario CQ60-2XX Presario CQ60-100 Presario CQ61 Presario CQ61-107TU Presario CQ61-212TU Presario CQ61-217TU Presario CQ61-302SZ Presario CQ61-311AX Presario CQ61-313TU Presario CQ61-314TU Presario CQ61-412AX Presario CQ62 Presario Cq62-116Tu Presario Cq62-213Ax Presario CQ62-227TU Presario Cq62-310Au Presario CQ71 Presario G60-100 Presario G60-200